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Gemstone JewelryExpress yourself and enhance YOU with a beautiful gem or gems!   Gemstone jewelry is aesthetically quite lovely, AND it can help you in a multitude of ways. Each type of gemstone has various healing properties. Gemstones can enhance your creativity, help to bolster self-esteem and confidence, protect your energy field… and the list goes on and on. We offer a variety of gemstone jewelry set in sterling silver including chakra jewelry and sacred geometry pendants.






Come in and browse through our books related to subject areas of Spirituality, Metaphysics, Spiritual Books Natural Alternative Wellness and Conscious Living. Perhaps discover parts of yourself that you have forgotten. Perhaps open a door to new possibilities. Perhaps gain an understanding that you did not have previously. Perhaps. Perhaps. The possibilities are endless!

Music is so powerful – it is a great way to induce healing, relaxation, meditation, positive thoughts and much more.   It is a tool that is so simple to use, and yet can have a tremendous impact. Samples of most music are available, so be sure to ask to hear something that catches your attention.




Spiritual crystalsCrystals are such magnificent pieces of Mother Earth, and they contain and emit a variety of energies that are very beneficial. Just placed in your environment, a crystal or crystals can impact how you feel about yourself in subtle ways. Moreover, a crystal or crystals can assist in a multitude of ways depending upon the specific type. Perhaps help to clear the energy in your space. Perhaps help you to open your heart. Perhaps help you with communication. Perhaps help you to ease anxiety. And the list is endless!  Be sure to ask what crystal may be helpful if you have a specific area of concern.






Harness the power of sound for transformation and healing! During this time of awakening, discover your innate abilities to tune into frequency. Crystal Singing BowlsCrystal Tone quartz crystal singing bowls which emit clean, positive vibrations are powerful tools in this process of awakening and discovery.  The Alchemy line of crystal singing bowls is made with only the highest grade quartz crystal that is guaranteed to be over 99.99% pure.








Angel Star ProductsAngels abound: statues, pocket angels, key chains, Guardian Angel bracelets and necklaces, Angel pocket shields, visor clips and more!







Discover the difference that essential oil therapy can make in your life!   Lavender can help you to relax and unwind;Basic Earth Essentials Oils and Sprays peppermint oil can help to ease a headache,    and frankincense can set the tone for meditation and prayer.   In addition to individual oils, we carry the Angelic line of oils and sprays as well as the Chakra line of oils and sprays.








20150808_101923Create sacred space with a statue or statues of you choice: Buddha, Tara, Ganesha, Kuan Yin and more.









We carry a wide variety of tumbled stones that can be easily carried in a pocket:   perhaps carry rose quartz for unconditional love or black tourmalineSpiritual crystals for protection or amethyst for help with addiction or Botswana agate for help to quit smoking or…. or … or… so many energies to help in so many different ways!   Be sure to ask if you are looking for something specific, or you can let your intuition guide you to exactly what you need.






InsenceUse incense daily or for special occasions; use it for meditation or inspiration. Incense can also enhance your relaxation or cleanse your environment.   Choose from a variety of Nag Champa incense, King incense (i.e., Amber, Coconut, Lavender, Rain and much more) and Om Incense (i.e., Dragon’s Blood, Frankincense, Patchouli, Sandalwood and more),,, plus more.






Tingshas, salt lamps, Tibetan singing bowls, smudge, abalone shells, cards, magnets and much more.