Reiki Healing

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The Healing Touch of Reiki

Reiki (RAY-key) is a gentle healing art that supports good health and well being. Rei means universal or cosmic, and Ki means life force.  Thus Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy

Woman with hands underneath another woman's head that is laying on a mat in a type of reiki healing technique.


The practice of Reiki is based on the teachings of Mikao Usui, who practiced and taught Reiki in Japan during the early twentieth century.  Reiki is an ancient and gentle form of energy healing that can be used anywhere…  on self, others and even on your ‘furry’ friends.

Reduce Stress

  • Promotes balance among all the body’s systems
  • Heightens sense of well being
  • Helps to alleviate pain
  • Promotes restful sleep

Natural Healing

Reiki Healing sessions are available most days. Call or email to schedule.