Understanding Light Healing

Jul 1, 2018 | Main Blog

Many Ways to Understand Light Healing

Light healing is really a reference to a few different ideas. The energy healing practice of Reiki will often be referred to as a type of healing with light. This healing deals with the energy or “light” of the human body and the interaction between different people and their energy fields. There are also more literal interpretations or areas of this healing practice, that use light as we see it every day. The light from our sun, our lightbulbs, light therapy and color therapy, and even sleep cycles as it affects our interaction with sunlight and when we are exposed to the suns rays.

With all things, there is a closer connection between all of these than people often recognize. The energy work involved in Reiki manipulates different wavelengths or vibrations, just as light vibrates at certain frequencies. When wavelengths interact with each other they will harmonize and/or sync up with each other. Varying the interaction will change the vibrations of the energy field. A great example, that is easily overlooked, is the electricity ball. The glass sphere that has visible electricity flowing through it, like a mini-lightning storm. The second you touch the surface the electricity flows to your hand. There is an interaction between the persons energy and the energy in the ball.

Even sitting close to another individual during a chilly night and one can feel the heat from the other person. Reiki is a trained art form, an individual goes through training to understand and positively work with their own energy and another persons. The main point is that light the way we think of it, as visible light, in fact, spans a much broader spectrum or areas of light waves that are NOT visible by the human eye. Sound waves are very real, we all agree we hear sound, but we cannot see it. Certain animals see a more broad spectrum of light or hear higher or lower pitches. The point being that the light-wave spectrum interacting with us, from the tanning effect of Ultraviolet light of the sun to the color red we see in a rainbow, is neither as passive or as narrow as first seen.

There is one direct and practical light healing technique that one can practice almost instantly… get yourself a sun lamp. A sun lamp is a bulbed lighting device, a lamp, that instead of a normal incandescent or new compact fluorescent bulb that emit a very narrow spectrum of light (sunlight gives the whole spectrum we see and more) these bulbs sometimes have a yellow glow or some other hue that makes the interaction with objects look unnatural.

Sunlight lamps, or simply sunlamps, give off light that is designed to mimic sunlight, giving a more natural spectrum of light. Using these lamps have shown to increase mood and energy, especially during the winter months as our exposure to the real sun decreases. We have to remember all our energy in some way has come from the sun…. whether feeding plants or giving warmth to our atmosphere.

If you suffer from seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD), as I have, get yourself a

sun lamp

… it does help.


Source: Modern Chakra 


  1. Alice Bomentre-Ruhl

    Hello, I’m desperately seeking help. I don’t know what to do or where to turn. I’m under a curse put on me from an ex boyfriend I broke up with. It’s been going on for a long time now and I’ve lost everything and I mean Everything! Do you know anyone who can help me?

    • Maria

      I can treat magic. If u want to be treated let me know.


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