Whale Wisdom with Linda Gareh-Applegate

Discover what the Whales want humanity to know. Learn more about the whales who are/were in human care facilities: Keiko (of Free Willy fame) and Angel (a white dolphin in Tajii, Japan) as they share their stories and perspectives. Also, Granny (the 105 year old orca matriarch of J Pod) and Luna (documented in the movie THE WHALE) will tell us about the importance of cetacean/human interaction. Plus experience the essence and wisdom of many more whales, and learn how each species of whale contributes to maintaining the harmony of Mother Earth. The PEOPLE OF THE SEA send you their blessings and hope that you will come and LISTEN to their story.

Call 717-240-0400 or email gracefullheart@verizon.net to reserve your seat.

Cost: $20