Unveiling the Sacred Geometry in Your Life with Joy Forbes

Journey to awaken your full consciousness.  Discover your own personal Sacred Geometry Symbol, and unveil your soul self.  Plus, create your own personal Mandala.  Sacred Geometry opens a door through which you may pass to obtain a new vision.  This door leads to the inner self.  Spiritual Symbolism is the Blueprint for Oneness and Creation.  The Journey begins with a brief History of Spiritual Geometry, and the importance of the Triangular and the Arc and many other shapes.  Plus much more.

About Joy Forbes, MAS:  Joy has been a student and a teacher of the Ancient Mysteries for over 35 years.  She has experienced many mystical encounters since early childhood.  In her professional life, Joy pioneered to combine both traditional and alternative healthcare within a hospital setting.  While continuing her own personal health journey, Joy attended John Hopkins University and Notre Dame of Baltimore as well as being a lifelong student of the Mysteries.

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Cost: $40