The Eternal Quest with Nigel Taylor

The Eternal Quest establishes a Mindset to recognise the profound opportunities that bless every step of your journey.

Finding a simple way to ask the right questions at the right time in the right place to launch yourself forth into the next phase of life’s great unknown, yet very blessed journey.

How do YOU address the challenges that step up into YOUR life?
How do YOU move through the big questions that these experiences ask of YOU?…..

No matter how long you have been on this planet, your soul journey is always driven by a purpose far greater than your personality reveals.

You have a wonderful opportunity to grasp this truth and step outside the mass consciousness into the light of a way shower.

You have the capacity to lead, to uplift and to heal many who cross your path in this life. The journey however, starts with you. Your life. Your Mind and Your heart.
We are all on this quest, young and old alike. We may look different in our age, gender, race, wellness or abundance, but at the level of the Soul, we are all the same.

So here is a question for you.

When you step off the noisy streets of life and enter the solace of your own heart, where are you in this Eternal Quest?

Self Reflection is the essence of the Mystical Quest…the Eternal Quest.

Asking questions IS is the CORE of the Quest.

Knowing HOW to ask them
Knowing HOW to discern the quality of the response. Now, that is the Eternal Quest.

Those whom ask, listen, discern and answer awaken the deepest wisdom in their hearts. They become the Light Workers, the WayShowers and the beacons that uplift all.

Join Nigel for this magical afternoon, uncover your answers to “the Big Questions”, and feel the freedom, centered calm and transformative power of living from this sacred space of Knowing your own Truth.

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Cost: $79