Tarot Readings with Elizabeth Martin

Are you stuck in old patterns?  Are you looking for answers and guidance?  Discover a pathway to help you solve difficult issues in your life.  Tarot helps to integrate the conscious with the unconscious, the inner environment with our outer world.  Tarot brings about awareness and clarity, so you can recognize how the many aspects of oneself influences your life journey.  When we bring greater clarity through awareness, we become a powerful force of change in our own lives.

Elizabeth Martin, RN, BSN has 25 years experience as a professional provider in the field of psychology.  In addition, she brings 25 years of experience working with energy through her professional career in the healing arts as well as 20 years as a meditation practitioner.

Call 717-240-0400 or email gracefullheart@verizon.net to make your appointment.

Cost: $60/45 minutes