Starfire Activation Around the Stargate with Dottie Woodward

‘Star Fire Energies’ is a DNA activation which empowers you to go beyond that which you already are, gently expanding you into the loving, divine being you are meant to be. A guided meditation to clear the chakras will be followed by a Star Fire DNA activation physically on 8 points of your body. Following the activation, another guided meditation locks the energies in, and a channeling is given by The Galactic Federation, The Council of Light. (These energies will all be greatly amplified by the Dominus Cervix Stargate.)

Dottie Woodward, C.R.M., C.H.t consciously brought the ‘Star Fire Energies’ (a new energy that enables us to access the 5th dimension) to the planet in April, 2014 after studying many different healing modalities (i.e., Soul Recognition, Circuitry Alignment, HeartThread, Hynotherapy, and multiple Reiki systems).

Call 717-240-0400 or email to reserve your seat.

Cost: $60