Purify Your Home, Purify Yourself with Michael Spencer

Experience greater mental, emotional and spiritual freedom as you clear your ‘stuff’.  Is it time to activate your process and start clearing out old baggage and clutter that may be keeping you stuck?  If you have been struggling to begin the de-cluttering process, this Home Energy Purification workshop is for you.  Moreover, September’s New Moon is the perfect time to strengthen those intentions and begin to take action.

Join Michael as she provides clear steps for using intention-setting, mindfulness, intuition and energy tools to support your de-cluttering process.  Participants are encouraged to bring a small box with an assortment of personal items/clutter from a junk drawer/forgotten closet/ignored area of the home for a direct experience with the process. These 10-15 items should belong to the participant her/himself.   Come enjoy this dynamic workshop, and have fun!

Michael Spencer, MS, is the founder of Let’s Purify!, an online business providing de-cluttering and clearing services with the Home Energy Purification process. She helps women to experience greater freedom in all areas of life by addressing their attachment to accumulated belongings. With training as a counselor, Reiki practitioner, and Modern Day Priestess, Michael brings a wide variety of expertise (and a whole lot of heart!) to her services.

Call 717-240-0400 or email gracefullheart@verizon.net to reserve your seat.

Cost: $40