Our Galactic Ancestry: Past, Present and Future with Joy Forbes & Christine Fisher

We are all children of the Stars. Discover and connect with your Galactic ancestors, and explore how this connection has influenced your journey. Opening up your consciousness to these multidimensional energies, with their guidance given with unconditional love, will allow you to make the most of your personal ascension journey as well as that of Gaia herself. We can resolve many of our issues by allowing for diversity within unity from a point of non-judgement. WE ARE ONE. WE ARE ONE. WE ARE ONE. Only then will reintegration with Source occur.

Learn about the history of our Earth and the involvement of the UFO. How does this theory relate to our own religious beliefs? How involved was our government/presidents (and our military) in the UFO movement? (Read the letter recently sent to our President concerning the UFOs.) Be introduced to your own Galactic Ancestry, if you desire. Over the years, how did our religious leaders view UFOs? What is the spiritual influence of UFOs? And so much more.
Joy Forbes, MAS, has been a student and teacher of the Ancient Mysteries for over 35 years. She has experienced many mystic encounters since early childhood. In her professional life, she was a pioneer in combining traditional and complementary healthcare within a hospital setting, while continuing her own personal health journey. Joy attended Johns Hopkins University and Notre Dame University. Her spiritual journey has now led her to search for her Galactic Family,

Christine Fisher attended Bradley Academy for the Arts in York, PA, where she studied Interior Design. She has worked in various areas of the home decor industry including art, custom framing and floral design. Christine’s spiritual journey has led her to design jewelry with the focus being on the healing properties of crystals. She is a Usui Reiki practitioner. Christine has been blessed with the gift of communicating with the loving beings of the galaxy of Andromeda and spreading their message of unconditional love, guidance and support to all during the Great Awakening taking place on Earth at this time.
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Cost: $95