Intuitive Soul Mastery with Nigel Taylor

Friday, April 21 7-10 pm
Saturday, April 22 10 am -6 pm
Sunday, April 23 10 am – 6 pm

**Limited attendance group weekend**

Drawing upon a lifetime of teaching, research and self mastery, acclaimed Consciousness Teacher Nigel Taylor is offering a weekend training in Living Mastery.

Develop indisputable skills to open the door to your psychic and intuitive powers… master your mind… stay always in your calm center… develop remote healing abilities to benefit self and other… clear limiting multi-dimensional energies across time and space… and much more!

Capture… the joy of knowing and feeling (beyond believing) your intimate connection to all of creation… the empowering wisdom and healing of mastering the thought energies and mental forces at play in the universe… the bliss of connecting with higher dimensions of consciousness and receiving the guidance and Pure Love of Source… the lightness of breaking free from today’s Mass Cultural Hypnosis.

– Develop Intuition and Psychic powers
– Facilitate Remote Healing
– Work with Soul Frequency Imprinting
– Excel in and benefit from Intuitive Problem Solving
– Access continuous states of Centered Calm
– Learn to enter Meditation and Sleep states easily
– Explore Inner Conscious Realms – Connect to Spirit Guides
– Free yourself from limiting Internal and External Thought Forces
– Remove your debilitating Stress Response (once and for all!)
– Journey into a reality of Loving Relationships, Wellness and Abundance
– Master Life Energies… your own and the Matrix of Spiritual Energies available to you

Nigel has spent his lifetime synthesizing the greatest of wisdom teachings into programs for personal transformation. He has taught and studied in over 45 countries, written five books, developed multiple meditation series and the technology of Satsonics. As Australian Director of the Silva Method, Nigel developed the Silva Youth Training. His work in health led him to co-found the first wellness retreat for Cancer and AIDS patients in Western Australia, and he created the New MBA – Management by Awareness, bringing Consciousness training to the corporate world. His many public programs, over 30 years, have assisted thousands on the journey of self enlightenment. For insight into his vast work, watch Nigel with Regina Meredith on Visit

Call 717-240-0400 or email to reserve your seat.

Tuition: $497 (includes Soul Mastery Manual and Certificate)