Awaken The Practical Mystic Within with Nigel Taylor

This is a ‘not to be missed’ gathering, embracing powerful teachings, life changing Inner Plane Work, and a results-oriented focus.

Take time now to feel the joy and freedom of a purpose driven life. Awaken as ‘The Practical Mystic’. Nigel has presented this class across the world now, and upon his return to PA he offers his latest insights, gleaned from a lifetime of involvement in the Mystical Traditions.

In this class with Nigel, learn and benefit from:
– How to claim the ancient and timeless keys to the Master’s Heart. By simply being present, you will have an opportunity to accept this spiritual gift. (If you do nothing else, taking this simple step will fling open the shutters, and flood your being with the light of your true purpose.)
– The Laws of Alchemical Magic and how you can work with them to make practical changes to anything in your world. (You will be astounded when you see how the recent emphasis on ‘manifestation’ actually prevents you from aligning with the universal powers of transmutation and transfiguration.)
– The most powerful methods for cleansing yourself of cultural conditioning, so you can finally break the bondage of old paradigms. Just one of these techniques, practiced faithfully, will ease your transition from being a slave to some ancestral paradigm imposed on you. (Yes, you will finally taste the freedom that comes from being a master of your own soul.)
– The benefits of learning to embrace and access the authentic teachings of Holy Beings who have gone before and still live beyond time. (They are real, they exist today and they want you to become part of the movement to teach and join with other Practical Mystics.)
– The gifts left behind by the sages and how to live them in your daily life. These truths offer you authentic Power – a silent, steady, fearless Power. (Feel what it is like to activate your personal growth and how to spread this Power for global transformation.)
– How to triumph over limitation, banish fear, and find the courage to free yourself from all that has held you back in your life, in your heart and in your mind.
– Authentic Soul Healing unlike anything you have ever experienced. During these group Meditation Journeys in Spirit, our collective Power supports and protects us as Nigel leads us to inner realms that are deeper and brighter than you can possibly imagine.

Intro to Nigel Taylor:
Beginning mind and memory training at age 15, Nigel has spent his lifetime synthesizing the greatest of wisdom teachings into programs for personal transformation. He has taught and studied in over 45 countries, written five books, developed multiple meditation series and the technology of Satsonics. As Australian Director of The Silva Method, Nigel developed the Silva Youth Training. His work in health led him to co-found the first wellness retreat for Cancer and AIDS patients in Western Australia and he created the New MBA – Management By Awareness, bringing Consciousness training to the corporate world. His many public programs, over 30 years, have assisted thousands on the journey of self enlightenment. For insight into his vast work, watch Nigel with Regina Meredith on Visit

Tuition: $75

Call 717-240-0400 or email to reserve your seat.