Aura Soma Color & Atlante-an Readings with Joy Forbes

What could be easier or more fun than revisiting the joy and mystery of color?  Discover your Soul Purpose, Your Challenges/Gifts, Where you are now, and the Future just by selecting four bottles.  You will also have an opportunity to select your Atlante-an color bottles which will reveal your Atlantis soul and gifts from thousands of years ago.  Plus, you can bring all your questions to the Reading.  (Atlantis was a powerful culture of very evolved spiritual directed people.)

Aura Soma consists of many dual colored bottles of ‘living energies’ that are made from crystallized chalice water, herbs and plant essences.  It is a simple self-selective process of choosing bottles that speak to you.  Your selection is a mirror into the soul.

Joy has been an Aura Soma Practitioner for 20 years and offers many other Color and Sound Therapies. 

Call 717-240-0400 or email to make your appointment.

Cost: $40/30 minutes