Reiki II Training with Sharon Askey

Continue the healing journey with the second level of Reiki, and work on deeper emotional and mental levels.  Receive three new symbols and attunements, and learn how to send Reiki energy using distance healing.  All attunements will be in the Stargate room which greatly enhances the energy.  You must have completed Reiki I Training to […]

Tarot Readings with Elizabeth Martin

Are you stuck in old patterns?  Are you looking for answers and guidance?  Discover a pathway to help you solve difficult issues in your life.  Tarot helps to integrate the conscious with the unconscious, the inner environment with our outer world.  Tarot brings about awareness and clarity, so you can recognize how the many aspects […]

HeartThread Sessions with Linda Gareh-Applegate

HeartThread is a healing modality that transmits a frequency of love, safety and connection through the field of the heart, releasing old patterns of trauma and conditioning from the body. HeartThread is facilitated by a practitioner using sound and touch. The practitioner’s hands gently touch the back of the client’s body, receiving messages and impressions, […]

White Whale Healing with Linda Gareh-Applegate

Join Linda Gareh-Applegate and learn all about the white whales, receive a group white whale healing, and receive a message from the white whales.  (According to Hopi prophecy, when white animals are born, they are ushering in a period of peace.). Amongst the white animals, there are 13 pure, white, non-albino, humpback whales that have […]

Purify Your Home, Purify Yourself with Michael Spencer

Experience greater mental, emotional and spiritual freedom as you clear your ‘stuff’.  Is it time to activate your process and start clearing out old baggage and clutter that may be keeping you stuck?  If you have been struggling to begin the de-cluttering process, this Home Energy Purification workshop is for you.  Moreover, September’s New Moon […]

Reiki I Training with Sharon Askey

Learn this powerful, yet gentle healing & relaxing technique that can be used anywhere – on yourself, on others and even on your furry friends. Reiki is an ancient healing art.  (Rei means Universal or Cosmic, and Ki means life force.  Thus the word Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy.) The class includes: overview and […]