The Dominus Cervix Stargate Astrum harnesses the power of sacred geometry to create an experience of deep inner purification and activation of the light body. Seated centrally within the

The Life Connection is a profoundly transformative modality that combines the Dominus Cervix crystal silica orbs and sacred geometry with the tones and vibrations of the encoded music of the Dominus Cervix meditation CD. Listening to the music through a headset, a Life Connection client is seated centrally within the information field generated by 24 orbs arranged in a special geometric pattern. The collective energy of the orbs amplified by the frequencies of the music offers an opportunity for deep physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation.


The Stargate Astrum is a two-dimensional form of the three-dimensional Merkaba, and opens a field of light and information through which deep relaxation and re-connection to your full being can be experienced, allowing you to remember who you truly are!

Although the specific cause of action that produces these results within both living beings and the physical environment is yet to be documented, many individuals who experience the Dominus Cervix energy report profound positive physical, mental, emotional and spiritual shifts, often in just one session. Live blood analysis conducted recently in the Netherlands shows significant evidence of the beneficial effects of the Dominus Cervix Stargate Astrum, as well as profound support to the energetic systems of the body.

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