A Little About Gracefull Heart

Love All; Serve All

Gracefull Heart encompasses a double entendre: Of course, the obvious – Gracefull Heart ‘A heart filled with grace’ as well as  ‘A heart filled with ‘Grace’ and remembrance and love for her Mother’ as the owner’s Mother was named Grace.

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Our Philosophy Is Simple
Love All; Serve All

Sharon Askey opened Gracefull Heart in 2011. After working for a large corporation for a number of years, she traveled to India on a month-long spiritual trip and spent time at Sai Baba’s ashram and Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari’s ashram as well as 10 days in Northern India walking the path of the Buddha with a Thai Buddhist monk. This trip changed her life, and upon returning, Sharon knew the days with the large corporation were numbered.  It became very clear that she was no longer energetically aligned with that work.

Providing the Tools You Need For Healthy Healing Energy

Listening to her insistent inner voice, Sharon resigned from her job with a very vague idea of what she might want to do.  (There was a strong desire to help people from a wholistic and spiritual perspective, but it was not at all clear what that might look like.).  Sharon’s husband had opened a Home Theatre store the same year that she left her job, and friends would suggest opening a small shop using part of his space.  Much to her surprise (several years later), the number part of her husband’s business’ address was changed to her year of birth.  This was a very clear message to her, so by the following year (2011), Gracefull Heart opened.

Let Us Help You Continue Your Journey

The spiritual journey included a family tragedy (Mother committed suicide) which occurred at 12 years old, and Sharon became a very depressed and anxious young woman who was not able to function normally as so much had been suppressed.  Numerous years of Freudian analysis helped to dredge the unconscious and resolve many conflicts… and this was the beginning of the journey to greater wholeness (victimhood to greater responsibility). This work led to deeper and deeper spiritual work which is the inspiration of Gracefull Heart.